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Millenium Tower - Washington Street, Boston, Ma

Reflective of a clear blue sky in downtown Boston is the Millenium Tower. It reaches toward heaven in geometries of curves and rectangles like other buildings nearby. In harmony with other giants amoung Boston's skyscrappers it's polished curtain wall harkens back to the Hancock Tower's dominion while seeking new horizons. My challenge is to show the tower in all of its shinning radience in the context of an historic American city rooted in European settlers vision of society free of tyrany and oppression. It rises out of winding streets hundreds of years old linned with granite and limestone buildings. When one turns a corner from behind such a neighbor and it's awesome height at once reveals itself you cannot help but to feel a sense of pride in man's progress and resilience. I hope to convey in my watercolor rendering what I felt that October day in 2018 when I took the photograph of Boston's Millenium Tower.


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