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Old Massachusetts State House in Boston, MA is finished!

The Declaration of Independence was first read to Bostonians from the balcony on the opposite end on July 18th, 1776. Six years earlier in the same place the Boston Massacre took place in the cobblestone circle before the building.

One critic refers to the Old State house as dignified and is like a "doll house" in midst of the gargantuan buildings grown up around it. At left of center in the distance is the Customs House Tower. The Glass Tower at center is the Citizens Bank building.

The endeavor of drawing the outline and the painting of the Old State House took a total of 125 hours to complete. Steve Collins scanned and printed a proof of my watercolor painting that I have uploaded to this website. He is owner of Collins Artworks, Clinton, MA.

The Original (20"x28") can be purchased in the Shop section of this site. Or if a smaller version better fits the walls of your home or office you can also purchase it as a print in the Shop section of this website.

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