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Kenneth Burns Bridge Lake Quinsigamond - Shrewsbury, MA Plein Air Painting

I painted the new route 9 bridge in Shrewsbury yesterday morning. I set up in a small area of grass behind Jimmy's Bar and Grill and next to the sidewalk and route 9 east bound lanes, looking across the bridge diagonally. I sketched the blue steel arches and viewing platforms with black metal railings looking at it from a fore shortened vantage point. I did this to capture the underside web and ribs of the structure. I also got some of the Umass Hospital Buldings in the distance on the other side of the bridge. It was a hot morning, so I worked quickly and covered most of the important aspects in the scene. The two white masts at the ends of the bridge, that light up at night, were a little too small to stand out on the small painting. I will give them the attention they deserve if I do a larger painting.

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