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2016 Rendering of Old South Church - Copley Square Boston, MA - Finished!

I photographed the Old South Church as an afterthought one cool crisp fall day in October when I was in the city for the purpose of taking snapshots of Trinity Church. I remember painting the tower of the church on an excursion during an on location painting and drawing class as a degree requirement for Norwich University in the summer of 1996. Our class sat on some steps to a Newbury Street brownstone and painted the buildings on the other side. Above and beyond the neighboring buildings is the Old South Church Bell Tower. Our instructor, Paul McMahan asked me to start a pencil line sketch and he finished the outline with a gorgeous watercolor rendering. Twenty years later, I emulated his style as best as possible in doing the larger version from the Copley Square perspective. What took him a scant twenty minutes I labored for 46 hours give or take. It was a very fortunate afterthought.

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