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New Old South Church Copley Square - Boston, MA is next

The New Old South Church in Copley Square Boston, MA has an interesting history. Built in 1873 the Church had a different tower than the present day's. It was built on a faulty foundation. It began to tilt to the southwest in the direction of the Boston Public Library. It leaned an inch a year until it was discovered in 1931 it had tilted three feet. It was then demolished and rebuilt. It's look is somewhat different. It doesn't flair out at the top anymore. I found black and white pictures of its demolition and reconstruction online. The new tower uses much of the original's stones but is clad around a steel structural frame. The lantern or cupola that adorns the lower roof ridge to the north is original as is the facade. It's green copper with finials are considered venetian gothic revival. The rebuilt tower also is venetian influenced also.

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