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Winn Memorial Library - Woburn, MA

This castle like brownstone and red tiled roof is the Winn Memorial Library in Woburn, MA. It will be my next watercolor painting challenge. Architect H.H. Richardson designed this Romanesque Revival building in his characteristic basilical plan. It is cruciform with an off axis entrance adjacent to a high Victorian Stair Tower. The west end is the reading rooms and book stacks. The east end is an octagonal museum. It is dedicated to Jonathan Bowers Winn by his son. Although he specifically requested it not be in his name but called the Woburn Public Library, it is called the Winn Memorial Library in Architectural circles. It took from between 1876-79 for its construction. I took this picture on a beautiful day in early June. The stars and stripes are at full mast. The trees have bloomed and the lawn is green as an emerald. Pillow like clouds contrast the brilliant blue of the sky. The interior is bright especially today. The cathedral ceiling inside is beautifully lighted and the floor to ceiling book stacks are bathed in natural light. I am looking forward to painting this ornate edifice.

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