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Our Lady of Notre Dame des Canadiens Church Worcester, MA finished!

Notre Dame des Canadiens watercolor painting took a little longer than I thought. It was supposed to be done for a contest deadline on June 30, 2018. I took a couple weeks off from it to help my brother move his office and recover from an annoying summer cold. I returned to it with renewed vigor! I saved the best for last. With the difficult part of setting up the pencil outline and masking tape and the sky blue wash out of the way I dappled in warm beige, peach, and scarlet colors for the stone walls and buttresses. The stain glass windows on the outside appear as a deep blue to dark grey shade in daylight. At night they can illuminate from the inside a multi colored glow. The tree on the right is fuller than it was when I took the picture. Also, the side lawn in full of debris as it awaits the wrecking ball. This may be all that I will have to remember it by.

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